A & O

Eva Zöllner, accordion & Kerstin Petersen, organ

Inspired by the expressive and multicolored sound possibilities of their two “wind instruments” Kerstin Petersen and Eva Zöllner open the space between old and new music.
Petersen Zöllner 1

Program: …die Bäume wachsen in den Himmel nicht…
with music by O. Omelchuk, K. Müller, T. Beimel, …

O. Omelchuk: die Bäume wachsen in den Himmel nicht(2009)
F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Sonate c-moll op. 65, arr. A & O
T. Beimel: Sonata (communio) (2007)
G. Gabrieli (ca. 1555-1612) Canzon Sol Sol La Sol Fa Mi a 8
Knut Müller (1963) NiN-LiL (2011) für Akkordeon & Orgel
Aurelio Bonelli (ca. 1569 – 1620) Toccata Cleopatra
Guy Bovet (*1942) ”Hamburger Totentanz”, arr. A & O